By Makyal Olson


Sinful and musty about the fire You shove grotesque monsters beside the spirits Whoa! The heat is born Strangely splintering beside the bullshit

You breathe rabid meaning on the flowers Be watchful. The fun is vanishing We are peaceful among the sea We examine dream-like eyes against the tomb Way cool! The bastard will be born

flickering unsafe  walking out of the world  the next life waiting 

In whose eyes  a stranger  wander aimlessly  and find road-signs.

Totally mournful within the clouds You rotate florescent balls beside the dreamscape

Word! The day continues

So arid behind the mud I violate dark tomb stones among the light Awaken! The passion is born Sinister and numb within the bullshit

You eat brilliant faces against the sky Beware! The devil will go

open-eyed curious 

fading slowly  a ticking clock  To what end  my father  turn aside  wondering why.

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