By Marcus Dwemer


Fire, fire all around me.

Trees and bushes, houses and stores.

Everything around me is burning.

It is raining acid where I am.

I walk alone, through this Valley of Hate.

The ground here is blistered, and cracked.

The sky is a deep red color.

Adventure, life, and love.

Fall roughly like a old pirate.

Grow swiftly like a rough captain.

Life is a sunny wave.

Ooh, courage!

There are animals here.

Red and blue crows, zombie cows and horses, and most

Of all, flaming dogs.

I walk alone, through this Valley of Hate.

Endurance, death, and desolation.

Winds die like clear sailors.

Ships sail like sunny moons.

Endure calmly like a stormy sail.

All tunas love rainy, rough sailors.

Where is the sunny sea?

Where is the small breeze?

The birth shall flee So violet behind the tomb We envision mammoth sounds in the dreamscape Zounds! The Knave is gone All electric over the light I prod florescent bugs near the light Awake! 

The inspiration is hard Strange and huge beyond the flowers You sense misty lights under the fog Whoa! The day is vanishing So colorful in the light We poke murky fangs in the rain Dig it! The evil shall flee unsure altered  at a crossroads!

It is still raining acid, all around me.

The burning never stops, not completely.

People running and screaming, they don’t understand why this is

Happening. They are scared, they should be.

I walk through this valley of hate.

Dead, dead pirates swiftly command a small, lively mainland.

The gull falls like a big sun.

Life, courage, and desolation.

The rough wind roughly commands the captain.

Masts fall like rainy mainlands.

We squeeze splintering keys below the rain Awaken! The Knave was good All happy below the dream I stone dry ghosts among the towers Intense! The sin was hard unsure altered  across the water  a phone ringing somewhere  With what hopes  my friend  look for landmarks  talking to himself.

I walk alone through this Valley of Hate.

What they don’t know is,

I created this Place.

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