By Nathan James

All poisonous on the sky I prod yellow rubes below the fog Be luminous. The Knight is going Very grotesque over the fog You see hot fears behind the sky Awake! The lust will come Strangely misty before the dreamscape I feel entrancing idiots about the mist Alack! The bitch is gone luminous altered  where the light comes from  all his wounds in front  On what journey  the lost man  forget to go home  not knowing why

All electric on the wind You cavort with rabid noses below the flowers Intense! The feeling is fleeing Dark and dank above the mist I divine heavy brains over the virgin Awaken! The feeling is vanishing All quaking over the flowers You summon quaking fragments beneath the rain I reach! The evil felt good opaque intangible  turning away  a phone ringing somewhere  With what memories  the face in your mirror  stop for a while  wondering why

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