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This is a wikipedia for writing stories. Any kind of story you can imagine, write it here. This wiki also contains facts about other subjects. When writing a story, please also write what kind of story it is.

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Do what he says.

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Latest activity

  • new page Jiangshi (soul eater)
    created by DragonMonday45
    New page: A Jiangshi (殭屍, Jiangshi (stiff corpse)) in Soul Eater is a human corpse that is reanimated by unclear means.[1] No actual jiangshi show up in Soul...
    Added categories: Science, History
  • new page Getaway
    created by DragonMonday45
    New page: Fuck. You clench your teeth. You shake your fists. God, you want to scream so badly, but then you'll wake up the people in the neighboring cabins...
    Added categories: Creepypasta, Sci-fi
    Added photo:
  • new page Canonical Youth
    created by DragonMonday45
    New page: Canonical Youth The following text was found as a document on a laptop possessed by writer William Mathers of NYC. The Hamza Forest that surrounds...
    Added categories: Creepypasta, Horror, Erotica
    Added photo:
  • new page Jewel Of Neptune (SJ)
    created by DragonMonday45
    New page: The Jewel of Neptune is an ancient gem that appeared in Episode XII: Jack and the Gangsters created by the Goddess of Water and has been highly...
    Added category: Science
    Added photo:

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