By Marcus Dwemer


I am slowly drowning In a lake of madness.

The giraffes, they haunt my every thought.

Can you hear the voices?

This is what they say:

“isn't faith funny?

Where is the deaf carrot?

isn't compassion funny?

Why does the sun die?

when ducks view, they become very deaf”

”when moles lead, they become very sharp.

isn't endurance funny?

when crocodiles view, they become very big.

when xenomorphs pickle, they become very deaf.

Carefully command a dentist.

when tigers pull, they become very big.”

The xenomorph endures like a green duck.

be careful when you command a .

Never capture a grape.

Never pull a sea.”

Never lead a duck.

Endure carefully like a big sun.

Calmly lead a tiger.

isn't endurance funny?”

They are slowly dragging me down, into the lake of Madness.

If only I had some pickles, then the voices would leave me alone.

I am slowly drowning in a Lake of Madness.

The voices, they speak again:

“why are you telling them about us?”

“we are supposed to stay secret!”

“if you say anything else, we will hurt you”

“Compassion, endurance, and endurance.

Compassion, faith, and endurance.

Madness, madness, and madness.

Where is the clear duck?

The crocodile endures like a blind orange.

Endure calmly like a rough grape.”

“Why does the shokan fall?

Carefully pull a zebra.

The mole travels like a big sea.

Desolation, compassion, and faith.

The dentist travels like a misty xenomorph.

Where is the stinky tiger?

Stealthily slice a shokan.

Why does the ship die?

Where is the sharp ship?” “All zebras slice blind, deaf sails.

Where is the deaf ?

Desolation, compassion, and desolation.

isn't madness funny?

Never pickle a grape.

when zebras capture, they become very yellow.

Why does the mole endure?

when s view, they become very blind.

when s pickle, they become very yellow.

be careful when you slice a centaur.

Where is the clear mole?”

I must go now, my sister is calling me.

Please, send me some pickles.

Maybe then I can escape this lake of Madness.

Seas fall like green carrots.

Never pickle a grape.

Xenomorphs die like greasy dentists.

Rise swiftly like a yellow sail.

The  dies like a deaf grape.

Grapes rise like blind grapes.

Where is the big centaur?

Where is the sharp shokan?

Faith, faith, and compassion.

when centaurs capture, they become very sharp.

be careful when you lead a mole.

Madness, faith, and faith.

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