By Marcus Dwemer


I’m feeling horribly green.

I can smell sulfur, and cheese.

My love for elves is so great, my heart melts for them 'til the dusk of day. The night cries when them's away, devour, chuckle 'til day's dawn. 

The beauty is great, Wondering mind 'til them sees, reap is all I do, While waiting for the moment, for them to say "I do."

Do you need a good name for the character in your story or novel?

We dispel splintering graves behind the wind Alass, Alack! The stink is coming So wanting behind the clouds You sense happy illusions behind the bullshit Whoa! The lust shall flee trusting grieving  walking out of the world  an empty address book  How many times  your brother  chase his dream  in a different light.

I grind humming eruptions beneath the dreamscape Can you dig it? The Fool is vanishing I am entrancing before the mist I eat electric fangs below the land Ahhh! The lust is dying luminous alive  trying to recall  a ticking clock  In how many places  the witness  make his way  while the snow fell.

My love for jessica is so great, my heart melts for her 'til the dusk of day. The night screams when her's away, choke, paint 'til day's dawn. 

Her beauty is great, Wondering mind 'til her sees, jumping is all I do, While waiting for the moment, for her to say "I do."

All musty behind the flock I stone dank rats among the earth Be transparent. The bitch is born All misty beyond the fog I prod black hooks before the dreamscape Zounds! The night will die Evil and yellow before the water I rotate green witches before the shadows God! The fun has gone shifting altered  trying to recall  an unreliable map  From which dreams  the guest  turn aside .

I’m feeling horribly green.

So green, I might turn green soon.

You don’t know what that means, do you?

The inspiration has gone Very blue near the slime We see brilliant faces on the virgin Tighten up your wig! The sin is fleeing Evil and happy beyond the dreamscape I find damp bugs over the mud Yo! The insanity shall flee shadowed seeking  a long way from home  all his wounds in front  On what journey  the lost man  wander aimlessly  before help could come.

When I say I’m feeling green, I mean I feel sick.

Like I’m gonna puke out my stomach.

Dark and comely behind the earth I destroy hot monsters behind the earth Whoa! The life will come again All grotesque against the tomb You beat transparent symbols among the mud Be watchful. The devil will vanish Totally sticky over the spirits I extort humming gems on the rain Repent! I’m feeling horribly green.

Would you like to share my pain?

Here’s how:

Take a cup of root beer, mix it with mustard, olive oil,

Milk, and orange juice.

I don’t remember how I got this sick.

I must have drank it in a dare.

Evil and glowing against the shadows I violate peaceful claws under the shadows Whoa! The sin is gone
All glowing under the spirits
We transform rabid rabbits under the trees
Be transparent. The night will come again
All florescent against the air
I violate electric dogs before the gods!

The day is coming
We are wanting before the fog
You dream of florescent illusions above the sky
Be transparent. The life shall flee
Very odorous beside the towers
We dream of green sirens about the tomb
Atone! The pleasure has vanished
clouded altered 
fading slowly 
so many roads to choose from.

I feel horribly green. And walk along and drink my gin, what a wonderful life  if you have been  eating the cream cheese of life.

The sun sparkles, and sprinkles not the rain 

shout about doubt, don't pout you lout.

And sit with fools in whom I trust but hate with great disdain.

Desolation is a lively ship.

Travel quietly like a warm sun.

Why does the cloud die?

The stormy captain quietly desires the mainland.

Desolation, death, and faith.

The shore endures like a sunny mainland.

Sail roughly like a cold tuna.

Ships wave like warm lads.

Where is the cold wave?

Travel quietly like a cold sail.

Desolation, endurance, and courage.

I feel horribly green.

I can smell sulfur, and cheese.

Help me.

Jessica, the ghost that haunts me, is screaming in my ears.

She has long black teeth, dark red skin, and green eyes that burn like fire.


Why does the whale die?

Why does the reef endure?

Death, death, and desolation.

The warm lad quietly pulls the shark.

I feel horribly green. Did you try that drink yet?


Very violet beneath the spirits
You see tiny monsters under the light
Awaken! The inspiration never ends
Dark and sexy in the light
We beat wanting keys over the air
Be transparent. The life keeps going
I am hot about the grave
We spread brilliant teeth in the sea Alass! The Fool will come shining silent  crossing the frontier.

I feel horribly green.

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