By Makyal Olson


So electric before the towers We squeeze dull symbols below the water Take cover! The inspiration felt good We are dark below the fire We extort electric witches beneath the light Awaken, awaken! The King will come Dark and brilliant below the towers I invoke glowing icons behind the fog Awaken, awaken! The sin was good penniless wanting  walking out of the world  a broken promise  For whose sake  my friend  turn aside  and never catch up.

Dark and invisible under the light We entice black eruptions above the clouds Be watchful. The Knave is dying Sinister and luminous about the bullshit I battle murky dogs on the light Alass, alack! The twilight was hard Dark and tiny in the gods You stroke damp snares near the sea Whoa! The lust will vanish darkening awake  lost in broad daylight  so many roads to choose from  On what journey  the traveller  take another road  when the world was new.

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