By Makyal Olson


Crimson flowers fall from the sky.

the shot mock socks get freckle pocks aces in

places can across faces cool licks vex sax picks

six fix as clocks mix cocoa combs for vexed

fax the sax across the lax zoo zeroes for aced

I see many dead people dancing in the rain.

With the 3-0 sweep of Spirit Lake on Tuesday night our Lady Warriors have advanced to the IGHSAU State Volleyball Tournament.  The Warriors will play Wednesday, November 11 at 12 noon in Cedar Rapids against Carroll Kuemper.  Go Warriors!

Crimson flowers falling from the sky.

Many people are dancing, but not Me.

I don’t like to dance.

Now for the really tasty quadrant... the bottom right! Be prepared for lots of punctuation, and even capital letters. Quotes, slashes, periods, commas... 

Crimson flowers fall from the sky.

go; go; go; go: go: go: go: go, go, go, go,

go. go. go. go. go? go? go? go? no; no; no; no;

no: no: no: no: no, no, no, no, no. no. no. no.

no? no? no? no? ok!

I've "a" "a" "a" "a" "No." "No."

"Yes." "Yes." Say "hi." Say "hi." It's "her"

"It's "her day." "Why?" "Why?"

Dinosaurs will walk THE earth again.

And they will eat the crimson flowers!

Pirates endure like lively ships.

All girls fight cold, stormy clouds.

Never love a lad.

Adventure is a clear ship.

The mainland endures like a clear captain.

Sharks fall like misty shores.

Endure roughly like a stormy wave.

Sail quietly like a old pirate.

Lord, courage!

Never view a cloud.

The lad grows like a stormy pirate.

Clear, big sails calmly desire a warm, rough lad.

Girls fall!

Breezes grow!

Crimson flowers fall from the Sky.

I see dead people dancing in the rain.

Why does the shore rise?

The rough shore quietly views the sail.

Why does the whale wave?

Endurance is a small shore.

Love is a big captain.

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