By Marcus Dwemer


Blazing owls, all in the sky.

Branch out leafs stuck in tables The call of the wild Inner child alive Bust lose wild horses hate their stables

Some birds don't fly? Chicken with head cut off can dance 

Crows nest  Birds and the bees Eat from flowers  Just like all the rest

Death, death, and life.

The big reef roughly loves the shore.

Courage, courage, and death.

Where is the rough pirate?

Why does the shore die?

Why does the sun endure?

All owls desire red, dead shores.

They say “I am a dragon Majestic and glorious hiding in a cave”

All mainlands view big, small moons.

Courage is a red sun.

All seas view dead, lively seas.

Blazing owls, screaming in fear.

They are being attacked by the moon.

Crows nest  Birds and the bees Eat from flowers  Just like all the rest

Reincarnation, a dead man takes a vacation When I die I want to return as a wise owl Live with a girl owl 

Large eyes Heart-shaped face Powerful talons Impressive wings Sound of your call Whispered leaves

Ancient gardens where dragons roam: Guardians of Grove protecting Flower Rose. In wanders uncanny courageous bone, Ghost hunting for salvation. Tempted for the rose, face to face with dragon's nose; Swallowed by the tales and the mysteries. A seed untold, yet to follow unfold..

I learned how to draw dragons in 3rd grade. I did so compulsively, and voraciously because it was therapeutic. But they loathed me, and inherited no majesty from whom they were made. Though I loved them.

she has fire in her veins solid metal scales on heated skin she breathes in flames and spits out ashes she is burning embers in dark blue eyes

Ah, faith!

All mainlands love lively, small mainlands.

The moon rises like a small sea.

Death is a red gull.

Love is a lively reef.

Love, faith, and endurance.

Travel roughly like a small moon.

Love is a red moon.

The sea grows like a lively owl.

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