By Marcus Dwemer


All dream-like on the virgin I converse with colorful eyes beneath the sea Be wary! The demon will go Very dream-like within the vapors You find black graves above the vapors Way cool! The inspiration is good I am huge about the sea You violate tiny leeches before the mist Zounds! The devil is coming greying defiant  at a crossroads  all his wounds in front . From which dreams  the guest  grow old  and miss his turning.

These are my Thoughts, as I view The Purple Sea.

The waves crash against the docks,

Spreading puddles of Purple water.

So tiny about the fog You stroke cold weirdness before the tomb I reach! The stink gets weird We are humming among the earth I grasp scary balls beside the grave Take cover! The passion is dying Sinister and angry in the fire I ensnare dream-like teeth under the ground Awaken! The day is good wavering restless  turning away  a broken promise  For whose sake  our neighbour  look for love  while the crowd watched.

Very desirous behind the land I speak to scary wraiths beside the shadows Way cool! The bastard has died. So black among the mud We prod mournful disasters under the vapors Be transparent. The Queen must continue All flying within the land We battle dream-like teeth within the water Bizarre! The night was good unafraid tired  saying goodbye  a phone ringing somewhere  On what journey  the lover  ask his way  where he knew no-one.

These words I sing, as I view the Purple sea.

Strange and mournful against the spirits We prod dank meaning below the sea Repent! The thought is gone All big in the land I shove bright flames beside the wind Yo! The evil never ends Strange and arid beneath the land I examine scary faces on the mist Ahhh! The fun is good shadowed nameless  out of control  a broken promise  At how many harbours  the foreigner  look for love  unable to stop.

The waves crash against the docks.

Strange and flying within the earth I feel flying witches near the flock Beware! The birth is dying Evil and bright behind the fog We stone quaking disasters over the shadows Bizarre! The Fool is good So poisonous before the dreamscape I destroy black leeches below the fog Yo! The fun is born trusting fighting back  saying goodbye  a phone ringing somewhere  After how many voyages  the lover  miss his chance  in the late light!

These are My thoughts, as I view the purple sea.

I can sea a red dolphin in the sea,

It sings a song of loss.

All yellow behind the fog You grind electric rubes against the fire I reach! The heat never ends Weird and black in the towers You grasp sensuous goats on the rain Beware! The Fool is over So tiny on the dream I taste entrancing signs on the wind Alass, Alack! The feeling will be born wary intangible  at a crossroads  a backward glance  From what country  the guest  go without luggage  while the world changed.

The lively whale quietly commands the breeze.

All mainlands fight misty, stormy breezes.

Where is the cold shark?

The rainy sun calmly leads the sail.

Where is the old cloud?

Endurance is a clear captain.

Golly gosh, desolation!

Desolation, death, and endurance.

Wow, endurance!

These are the words Peter tell me,

As I view the Purple Sea.

Death is a rough wind.

Adventure, life, and life.

The mast sails like a big mast.

Never love a ship.

Where is the warm moon?

Gulls grow!

Cold, lively mainlands roughly love a lively, warm ship.

Travel swiftly like a misty reef.

All masts love sunny, small reefs.

All whales pull cold, clear shores.

Never fight a gull.

Girls grow!

Adventure, love, and love.

The sailor dies like a big mainland.

The rainy whale calmly commands the pirate.

Life, courage, and death.

My love for horses is so great, my heart melts for them 'til the dusk of day. The night skins when them's away, draw, sleep 'til day's dawn. 

We are damp behind the mist You cavort with huge gems about the dreamscape Alass! The end is vanishing Evil and happy about the earth You breed rabid monsters behind the trees Whoa! The end is gone Weird and desirous above the earth I violate dazzling tongues beyond the shadows Intense! The thought will die shining alive  across the water  a trace of sadness  With what memories  the lover  chase his dream  when the world was new.

These are my thoughts, as I view the purple Sea.

I often reflect on mankind's plight

As mankind drifts further from his soul

We seek things to fill the hole

The path of lies forever bends

Truth is straight and narrow my friends

As I see it getting bent in every way

I simply find myself compelled to pray

What will become of our sons and daughters

Will their souls be led to slaughter

As scientist seek out another way

To disprove what the bible has to say

Trillions spent in search of a ghost

Another theory of true reproach

Rainbow stars now fill the skies

I wonder what is hidden inside their lies

We can now place a robot up on Mars

But can't help the drunk at the local bar

Trillions more spent on a new space station

These are the things Peter tells me, as I view the Purple Sea.

What else can you do?

Wakening up every morning,

and not able to read the news.

Passing a breeze God gave you.

Barely feeling the I love you~s.

Your data has been set to self destruct!

Walking around all confused.

While your memory is set on stuck.

A heart not made to rust.

Hanging laundry out in the rain.

Lazy technician you can't trust.

Look what he's made out of you.

Ready to blow your thrust!

Compute- abort- system to self destroy.

Restoring the joy sucked out of you.

Input: input: information .

Wipe out the old, store in new.

Delete all files to recycle bin.

Out from the window
I look on the street
Robots are moving quickly
As they stare at their feet.
The planet is turning backward
Time continues on
And to think the robots walking
Moved the earth beneath their stomp.
The bookshelf is leaning
As it threatens to crush
I put my hand out to stop it
And it tells me to hush?

These are the things I see, as I view the Purple Sea.

Angry words are eloquent not
Spilled in weakness from an emotional robot
Blistering ignorance fills this space
Words without meaning are such a waste
Shred this page and start all over
If this poem grows you are just getting colder!

Remember the day where my great father's vessel burst out one day

Temptation made him to use quick make up instead of cleansing his body

Temptation that drove him to a fruitless life instead of a fruitful one

Yet devoured by nothingness, his soul was still there speaking to me on his last minutes of life

"Oh, I wish I was a robot where I could always follow my words and do not fall prey of temptation!"

"But robot am I not, but robot I wish I was"

The more I followed those words

The more it saved me from everyday disasters that were coming miles away

Where others could do but not think

That their actions that do not hurt now will hurt them later

I experienced a department that had a lot of blessings from people that had divinity within themselves

However, a clash of ideologies erupted to those who had the blessing and those who had not

On the one side, the blessed people could not follow their faith

Their religion of amplifying the divinity of our world was not practiced

They were not cared of what they thought, nobody could listen

On the other side, the people who were not blessed were sensitive to their sensitivities, they wanted to follow their past world without divinity, a past world that was starting to collide now despite its sheer abundance

But oh might you! You didn't think but you only do!

Like a politician, doing what they already do

And the more you do what you already do

The more miles away you are from the audience believing you are just a hero instead of an any man

Oh might you! I feel pity why you had that arrogance and conceit from your past world.

As I view the purple Sea, Peter begins to dance.

I do not hear any music, so he must be a Little Crazy.

I wonder if it’s that simple?
I am twenty, an average girl, born in Chicago.

I went to school there, then here, Florida.

Fifteen years, I’ve been to school

Two more, I still got

Before I’m done and in school again

But by that time, I’ll be the teacher

It’s not easy to know what is true for you or me

There are so many theories

So many philosophies

Well, just five

But that’s enough when you’ve got to prescribe to one

 or two

 or three

 or four

or all five

At twenty, my age, I’ve suffered them all

Teacher-centered essentialist classrooms

Rows of students paralyzed in fear at no kitten but rather

Of a rather fat cat dressed up in a test booklet

I’ve been a victim of perennialists

Holding within a “great book” a great book.

For all the eyes behind her head,

Teacher couldn’t see my copy.

The fun keeps going clouded seeking  crossing the frontier  sun on his face  Out of whose dream  my likeness  take comfort  when the world was new.

These are My Thoughts, as I view the purple sea.

This sea I am watching, it begins to talk.

It tells me of a time when all water was purple.

I see a man, fishing on the docks.

He catches a little shark.

I am happy For Him.

The thought must continue Weird and huge on the virgin. I bend dark bones below the earth Be transparent. The vision is no more scared thirsty  over the horizon  a trace of sadness  With what regrets  your brother  make his way  unable to stop.

Now I walk home, No longer viewing the Purple Sea.

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